Monday, 4 May 2009

Nancy 20050225

491 Nancy 20050225

Dear Madam Rebecca, Mistresses and sissies,


Madam dropped off some more clothes that no longer fit Her for my Wife to try. She also returned my yellow party dress, which She has repaired, and She's made up my first leotard from the black material with sparkling gold cross-hatching. It looks quite dressy and Christmassy. I won't be able to wear it in public at this stage of my development, though, as it's too obviously Feminine. I'll have to see what the navy blue Lycra and purple velvet look like. We've decided the zip needs to be removed from the back to get a better fit and She's told me to get some gold or black ribbon so She can take out a two inch section from the middle to shorten it a little - it sags a bit in the crotch!

I wore it all evening with a pair of lacy white cotton panties and my navy slacks. The house is now covered in gold glitter!


Despite getting washed and shaved, the first thing that was said to me today at work was, "Why have you got glitter on your face?"


I said my Wife had been wearing a new glittering top. Sorry and I stand ready to receive any punishment You might think this merits.


See 23.02.2005!

My Wife took a bath this evening and I got in when She got out. I bemoaned the fact that my legs were getting hairy again and were no longer smooth.

"They were never smooth: that's the whole point!" She said.

"Maybe I'll have to try waxing them again."

"You've never waxed them."

"Okay, but I did sugar them before we went to Italy in 2003."

"You'll have to find a Beautician Who's willing to do it where you work and go after work."

"And You don't mind?"

"I'll put up with it. Mind, I don't know how you'll pay for it because it'll cost you a fortune and you only get £10 a month pocket money!"

Yippee and much wailing and gnashing of teeth!

I think I'll file away this conversation with one we had recently when I had collected Mistress from Madam's after work one evening. We drive past some lovely old detached houses. They're very large but we've daydreamed for years about owning one. Two are for sale at the moment. At about £500,000, they're way out of our league, but I said to Mistress that, if we had a large football pools or lottery win, we'd sell our house and buy one with Madam. I'd give up work and be Their Maid. Madam likes to work and Mistress would work part-time for the social aspects. I'd like to go to the local college and study beauty therapy and secretarial skills. We also talked about replacing the car and Mistress said She'd like a pink Honda Jazz. I agreed.

To my surprise, Mistress seemed to like the daydream and was still in agreement when I reminded Her of it a few days later. Wish us luck!

Deep down, I think I'm an introvert. I have to be extrovert in my job, but if someone else is prepared to be dominant in a social context and is doing a good job of leadership or if I have nothing to say, I'm quite able to fade into the background, to the surprise of those who think they know me, as well as mine, to be honest. I've come to think of the extrovert me as just a mask I wear, along with the rest of my male persona. I'm not a real sissy yet, but I do think I'm already more comfortable with my sissy self.


I collected some books from the Post Office. My last hurrah before I gave up my money was to buy two books: "Panties: a brief history" and "Bra: a thousand years of style, support and seduction." I'll let you know more when I've read them.

There'll not be much to tell this weekend as Mistress has requested I dress-up as a male. However, I did mention the daydream again and She didn't object in the least. Indeed, She's quite taken with the idea of a pink car.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I've asked Mistress and Madam what they thought about my name. They're not in favour of it. Madam prefers Caroline, but Mistress has given me some of Her handkerchiefs with Her first initial embroidered on and She says I must adopt that. She's chosen Nancy for me, so that's how I'll be signing myself in future. It is a name I considered before choosing Cissy Pansy.



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