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478  Cissy Pansy 18.02.2005


Dear Madam Rebecca, Mistresses, Cindy and sissies,


I spent the day dressed as a male again, but I did manage to finally finish the filing and bring up to date my posts.

We went out to our favourite restaurant to celebrate St Valentine's Day and enjoyed a lovely meal. We talked about my sissiness again and Mistress again expressed Her concern that She was losing Her husband. I reassured Her that the male me was still there. I suggested a compromise. We both get enormous enjoyment from our current sex life, in which I am a little dominant, but strictly within Her limits, so I suggested this continue unchanged, but She become more dominant in other areas of our lives.

Occasionally in the past, Mistress has tried to be dominant in bed, after we'd started to make love after our normal fashion. Initially this was okay, but the angle of penetration of my little wiggle into Mistress isn't quite right and I can't climax with Her on top. As She likes me to come either at the same time or just after Her (simultaneously is wild, but just after lets Her complete Her climax with a stiff little wiggle still inside Her), She'd end up working very hard and delaying Her own orgasm too long. Then we'd have to change position anyway so I could cum, but She'd be unable to.

Alternatively, years after we got together, Mistress sometimes started to stroke my little wiggle as part of foreplay. (For the first years She was too shy!) Whilst I enjoyed this enormously, soon my stiff little wiggle would go all soft and there'd be nothing we could do.

Eventually this behaviour transferred to when She went on top, so now we stick to Her being a little submissive. However, we haven't tried the alternative since I was prescribed Viagra. I no longer need it, mostly because I have access to it if I do need it, but it does keep my little wiggle all stiff and I can regain my stiffness within minutes of my orgasm. I suggested Mistress might like to try sexual assertiveness again when I'd taken a little blue pill.

Mistress was still menstruating, so I tried my Aneros again that night. I've written about that in another letter.


After breakfast I removed the nail varnish from one of Mistress's hands and then re-coated those nails. Mistress then painted my fingernails with clear varnish. Her technique was much more assured than mine.

I had an appointment with the Hairdresser. Mistress had said She'd accompany me, but She wasn't ready in time so I walked on ahead (it's only about 100 yards). I was wearing my silk lingerie, black stockings, Madam's old grey suit, a short-sleeved blue blouse and my new low heels. As I was on my own, I lacked the courage to remove my jacket at the Hairdresser's. She thought I was wearing a work suit.

When I was done, Mistress and I wandered around town a little then returned home. Mistress bought me a lipstick and some Vaseline for my lips: the Lipsalve just isn't improving them. The Vaseline seems to work a treat, though. I took off the suit and borrowed one of Mistress's skirts. It was straight and a great aid in helping me keep my knees together! However, I'm beginning to understand the problems Ladies have with sizes. The skirt was UK size 20 from Bon Marché and was a little too small, whereas my size 18 miniskirt from Dorothy Perkins is getting a little large!

Mistress painted my toenails bright red. She told me I was honoured as She hates feet.

That evening, we watched 'Why Do Men Wear Frocks?' Of course, our video recorder chewed the tape! I've written about the programme in another letter.

I tried my Aneros again before sleeping.


I wore my silk lingerie and black stockings with the blue blouse and navy slacks. As soon as I pulled on the slacks I took them off and put on a panty-girdle, too. VPL! (Visible Penis Line).

We did the week's shopping a day early and we were able to go much earlier, as we're on holiday, so there were far more people about. It was quite nerve-wracking for a bit.

Late that night, Mistress opened a new bank account on-line in Her sole name. She named it His Pocket Money. Each month I have to transfer all my spare wages into this account, leaving only enough for the household bills. She'll then pay me an allowance. I now have no money. Next week I'll collect the forms to make my sole account a joint account (it is a condition of my employment that my wages be paid into an account with my name on it, so I can neither re-direct the money to my Wife's account nor remove my name from my account).


Cissy Pansy


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