Monday, 28 September 2009

20050305 Maids' Nightmare

508 Maids’ Nightmare

Dear sissies,

Maids' Nightmare

So you think you keep your Mistress's house spick and span?

Your Mistress inspects your work wearing white gloves, so you think you could pass any inspection?

Think again.

I've just heard an item on BBC's Radio 4 that will make you think you're a novice (as opposed to me: I know I'm a novice).

Follow this link:

You'll need to fast forward about nineteen minutes in total to get to the particular item. Listen and weep!

And if anyone's Mistress gets any fresh ideas, I apologise.



Dear Madam Rebecca, Mistresses and sissies,

Go in 23 minutes... not 19 minutes (19:23)

Beth :)

Dear Beth,

Sorry about that, but what did you think? Talk about Big Brother...



[I heard an item on the BBC Radio 4 programme “From Our Own Correspondent” in which a Reporter was selling Her Swiss apartment. The local authority sent round an inspector to ensure that the property was fit for sale. The inspection found numerous faults, such as fingerprints on the stainless steel flue in the basement, and revealed that She hadn't disconnected the water supply, removed the taps and polished inside the water pipes!]

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